Ashely Anthony

Singularity Expert: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Ashley is a business owner and entrepreneur, who has committed his attention and energy to solving some of South Africa’s toughest problems by introducing data-driven applications intended to revolutionise business and Africa.Ashley is co-founder and CEO of Isazi Consulting, a South African-owned level 1 BBBEE company. The term Isazi means “quest for thirst” in isiZulu and aptly describes Ashley’s insatiable thirst to understand the mathematical levers that control how businesses make money. His entrepreneurial talents are most evident when designing solutions based on the insights gleaned through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.Isazi Consulting assists businesses to become data-driven by using Artificial Intelligence and optimisation, while working with large data sets. The company has worked in the fields of airline optimisation, traffic control, the mining industry, pharmaceuticals, fraud detection as well as disease control among others.