Singularity University Announces 6 New, 28 Renewal SingularityU Chapters

Ostella Adam
Oct 3, 2019

SingularityU Chapters play an integral role in the SUniverse by gathering their local communities, connecting like-minded individuals, and collaborating with other SingularityU Partners, as well as individuals and entities in the public and private sectors, to help create impact that moves the world toward a vision of a shared future where there is abundance for all.With this shared focus and determination to tackle humanity’s grand challenges, we’re honored to announce the addition of 6 new SingularityU Chapters, as well as 28 renewed Chapters, bringing our total to 178 SingularityU Chapters in 73 countries.Today, we officially welcome new SingularityU Chapters in Bhopal, India; Bucharest, Romania; Calgary, Canada; Galicia, Spain; Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany; and, Salvador, Brazil.We're also happy to welcome the following Chapters with renewed licenses this quarter: Athens, Greece; Austin, USA; Bilbao, Spain; Bratislava, Slovakia; Brussels, Belgium; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Chennai, India; Delhi, India; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Istanbul, Turkey; Kyoto, Japan; Lagos, Nigeria; Lima, Peru; Milan, Italy; Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA; Montreal, Canada; Mumbai, India; Munich, Germany; New York City, USA; Phoenix, USA; San Diego, USA; San Salvador, El Salvador; São Paulo, Brazil; Seattle, USA; Sevilla, Spain; Saint Louis, USA; Taipei, Taiwan; and Tokyo, Japan.There are now 17 Chapters in Brazil, 10 Chapters in India, 7 Chapters in Spain, 6 Chapters in Canada, and 5 Chapters in Germany.SingularityU Chapters have organized over 200 events in just the first half of this year reaching 7,000 participants. Event attendees have described their experience at SingularityU Chapter events as “mind-blowing” and “inspiring,” and have also mentioned their appreciation for and wonder at the technology, knowledge, and skills shared.You can browse our full Chapter roster on our website. And find out more information about this announcement in our press release. Each new and returning Chapter was selected in the third quarter of 2019.We’re excited to introduce you to each leadership team and hope you are as inspired and moved by their words as we are!

SingularityU Chapters

New SingularityU Chapters and Leadership Teams

SingularityU Bhopal (India)

Akankssha Gupta, Anurag Padmanabhan, Dilip Dubey

SingularityU Bucharest (Romania)

Ciprian Negura, Diana Stafie, Maria Margarit, Radu Manolescu, Victor Iancu

"There are specific times when societies manage to aggregate the right ingredients and achieve transformational changes. In Romania, we are witnessing such momentum. And by making better use of exponential technologies and scientific progress, we can accelerate this transformation. By creating a strong local community of inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, dreamers, and doers, we aim to be a catalyst for technological adoption and change. Singularity University is our partner in co-creating a better future for Romania." —SingularityU Bucharest Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Calgary (Canada)

Justine Croft, Matt Boudreau, Sandi MacGregor, Stephan Becker

"Calgary’s city slogan is 'Be part of the Energy'this represents not the oil and gas sector, but the energy, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit that exists in Calgary. Much of our city is run on driven minds who strive to better the world around them and truly create a lasting impact on the local community. Our Chapter will be looking to expand exponential thinking and foster exponential thought leadership within Calgary and Albertawhich will be achieved by engaging our members to solve for global grand challenges from Calgary."—SingularityU Calgary Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Galicia (Spain)

Beatriz Lorenzo Miguez, Christian Delgado von Eitzen, Jaime Pérez Martín-Gaitero

SingularityU Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany)

Andrea Kranzer, Bodo Brückner, Frank Rust, Georg Fischer, Karin Arregui, Raoul Haschke, Thomas Prexl, Ulrike Faye

SingularityU Salvador (Brazil)

Flávia Paixão, Marcus Casaes, Maria Pereira

"We strongly believe entrepreneurs can effectively help to change the world. It is deeply expressed in our work, our life, and the way we see the world. For that reason, we applied for this new Chapter in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. To make a change is necessary to take a risk, to think outside the box and go beyond where the innovation happens. We are full of motivation to kick off a new Chapter in this huge market within Brazil, as we believe that our community is rich in creativity, engagement, and energy. However, there is a lack of initiative to take people out of their comfort zone. We want to bring them to a new way of thinking where innovation and entrepreneurship are part of their lives, giving them a different perspective of living a real and better future."—SingularityU Salvador Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Chapters

Renewed SingularityU Chapters and leadership teams

SingularityU Athens (Greece) (renewal - new license holder)

Kallissa Apostolidis, Niki Siropoulou

"Following a ten-year crisis, Athensand Greece as a wholeis going through a process of rebranding with many people searching for inspiration and direction. Our team is well immersed in the SUniverse, having attended many Summits, the Executive Program, and the Global Summit. We have years of experience, both in the private sector and in the public sectors, through NGOs and the government. We're perfectly positioned to inject SU's exponential thinking into key sectors of Greece. The time for Greece is now and this is the best team to make it happen with the tools and guidance that SU has created."—SingularityU Athens Chapter Leadership Team Member
SingularityU Austin (USA) (renewal - new license holder)

Christa Clark, Cliff Sze, Daniel Marcos, Estuardo Robles, Jase Strasburg, Juan Gonzalez, Olga Pechnenko, Pedro Ruíz, Ricardo Viso

SingularityU Bilbao (Spain) (renewal)

Diego Soroa, Gorka Muñecas, Pablo Orduña

SingularityU Bratislava (Slovakia) (renewal)

David Stancel, Dusky Matuska, Juraj Bednar, Marek Jacko, Marianna Jablonskaa

"We decided to run this Chapter in order to bring Bratislava closer to Singularity University, by sharing knowledge, connecting people, and introducing new technologies to the community. We believe in offering access to information, which boosts local ecosystems."—Juraj Bednar, Chapter Ambassador
SingularityU Brussels (Belgium) (renewal)

Johan Cattersel, Jonas Van Riel, Mercy Njima

SingularityU Buenos Aires (Argentina) (renewal - new license holder)

Agustina Paz, Alan Gegenschatz, Diego Rodrigo Pereyra, Federico Marque, Fredi David Vivas

SingularityU Chennai (India) (renewal)

Arun Subbiah, Bhavesh Shah, Kiran Reddy, Monica Sethiya, Ratheesh Krishnan

"Imagine the city's needs being met, connecting their needs and solving problems together to meet their goals. We believe that technology is an enabler of the process and the goal is to forge collaborations with the right people to make it happen. SingularityU Chennai Chapter aims to be a community that is inclusive, equipped, and future-ready. —SingularityU Chennai Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Delhi (India) (renewal)

Nitesh Jain, Rishi Khemka, Vipul Jain

SingularityU Guatemala City (Guatemala) (renewal - new license holder)

Isabella Gonzalez, Anapaola Fernandez, Sofía Hegel, Ximena Vargas

SingularityU Istanbul (Turkey) (renewal - new license holder)

Aykan Rasitoglu, Bahar Sen

“We would like to have a positive impact on Turkey’s digital economy by inspiring business and government leaders. For us, the Chapter means opening a digital channel for our local leaders to introduce others to exponential technologies and a global exponential mindset for people to create a better future—not just for our own good, but for the rest of the world. We hope our community will replace long-held beliefs with abundance and inspire others into a 10x growth mindset.” —SingularityU Istanbul Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Kyoto (Japan) (renewal)

Jay Klaphake, Jun Suto, Keita Ogushi, Narimasa Makino, Toshiko Asai, Yoshiyasu Kitahara

"Growing up in Japan, being educated in the US, and exposed to Abundance and Exponential thinking in California; it's my obsession to bring the beauty of both cultures and thoughts of abundance to the world. Kyoto is a special place in Japan and the world, with over 1,300 years of great history filled with arts and craftsmanship, and recently infused with world-class research universities. (Kyoto has over 40 universities in a small city with a population of 1.4 million people.) I am already excited to imagine many good things coming out of the marriage of Kyoto's 1,000-year long-term future worldview and Singularity University's exponential thinking!I hope the community will gain a global view of challenges and feel closer to entrepreneurs across the world. We would love to cultivate meaningful relationships amongst SingularityU community members. And each of our local community members is more empowered to take actions large or small toward the global grand challenges. Yet, more importantly, I hope the other Chapter community members will appreciate Kyoto's way of thinking and culture to reflect upon how to solve the global grand challenges collectively."—Jun Suto, SingularityU Kyoto Chapter Ambassador"My dream is to create a new startup and ecosystem in Kyoto. I hope to bring networking and insights to the local Chapter."—Narimasa Makino, SingularityU Kyoto Chapter Leadership Team Member"I would like to spread the concepts taught at Singularity University with enthusiasm in our Chapter location, Kyoto, and greater Japan. Kyoto is an educational city, like Boston. There are many universities that are particularly strong in the field of natural science. In order to grow human talents from Kyoto who can implement ideas that will save more than one billion people, SingularityU Kyoto will serve as a hub for matching the global Singularity University community with our local talents who have strong academic backgrounds.1. The community can learn the Singularity University’s ethos and concepts. We believe that mindsets are the most important in implementing ideas that will save one billion people, and that mindsets are nurtured in the process of learning Singularity University's concepts.2. We can provide rich opportunities offered by Singularity University. Various programs are available at Singularity University to realize or accelerate the idea of saving one billion people.We will send many individuals from Kyoto Chapters to various Singularity University programs and actively contribute to the global community so that members can make an impact."—Yoshiyasu Kitahara, SingularityU Kyoto Chapter Leadership Team Member"To make change, we can get to know how the world is changing and how we can change it. To keep, we can continuously learn about exponential technologies and gain knowledge about the future of our society.We would love to see our Kyoto Chapter community be inspired—and inspire other Chapters and Chapter members—by the wisdom and culture we have been building here in Kyoto over 1300 years."—Keita Ogushi, SingularityU Kyoto Chapter Leadership Team Member"I believe Chapter community has the potential to function as a worldwide innovation group, through the sharing and exchanging of knowledge. Having the Kyoto Chapter is an important step to realize my vision of the worldwide innovation ecosystem.I hope it will offer a creative environment for people who are coming from various backgrounds, be useful as a solution, by solving social problems. Social problems cannot be solved with just a single techniqueI hope our Chapter will be formed by the community of many, therefore, we'll be an incubation for new value system."—Toshiko Asai, SingularityU Kyoto Chapter Leadership Team Member
SingularityU Lagos (Nigeria) (renewal)

Aima Nwafor-Ohiwerei, Damilola Thompson, Samuel Uduma, Uly Ogwah

SingularityU Lima (Peru) (renewal)

Gary Urteaga, Irina Rymshina

SingularityU Milan (Italy) (renewal - new license holder)

Emil Olaru, Giovanni Mocchi, Mauro Blanco

SingularityU Minneapolis-St. Paul (USA) (renewal)

Annie Nelson, Josef Siebert, Joseph Barisonzi, Maria Dayton, Mark Ritchie, Mo Schriner, Nick Tietz, Ryan Weber

"We're proud to lead a Chapter in Minneapolis-St. Paul in support of educating and inspiring leaders to solve humanity's greatest grand challenges, by leveraging exponential technologies. Our leadership team is comprised of public and private interests, including the former Secretary of State, venture capitalists, startup founders, corporate innovation leaders, and ecosystem builders—working to ensure that our community is educated on exponential technologies, aware of local moonshots, and collaborating in their pursuit. Minnesota is a hotbed for healthcare innovation, so we have a special interest in connecting our ecosystem and leaders to the Singularity community."—SingularityU Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Montreal (Canada) (renewal)

Doron Altman, Hal Myers, Jean-Pierre Arcoragi, Leonardo Mendes, Mathieu Drouin, Tom Boushel

"I see the goal of the Chapter to further the model of exponential change and to help change attitudes and deeds to an abundant mindset and goals. Montreal has a vibrant startup community, which can leverage the power of Singularity University to effect these changes."—Hal Myers, Chapter Leadership Team Member
SingularityU Mumbai (India) (renewal)

Bhavik Chinai, Krishna Chokhani, Saket Agarwal

"We're excited to deepen Singularity University's impact in India this year, and have several engaging initiatives planned for the SingularityU Mumbai and SingularityU India community. We look forward to collaborating with other SingularityU Chapters and deep engagement from well-wishers.”—SingularityU Mumbai Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Munich (Germany) (renewal - new license holder)

Bettina Redl, Marc Frey, Oliver T. Hellriegel

SingularityU New York City (USA) (renewal - new license holder)

Alan Pereira, Ali Aksu, Brian E. Kurtz, Kunal Sood, Laura Muranaka, Michael Benjamin, Rachel McPherson, Sidney Nakahodo

SingularityU Phoenix (USA) (renewal)

Carl Kasalek, Sheila Kloefkorn

SingularityU San Diego (USA) (renewal - new license holder)

Amber Brandner, Ben Badiee, Elizabeth Dreicer, Niki Faldemolaei, Shay Badiee

"SingularityU San Diego Chapter's focus is to inspire, connect, catalyze, and grow regional leaders and teams working on and achieving their Massive Transformational Purpose (“MTP”). We are a diverse and growing community of people, grounded in solving MTP-level problems, and thereby creating positive impact and uplifting life on earth for all. We offer a place for MTP thinkers to belong to a local and international tribe of others, daring greatly and ushering in an abundant future. We connect and serve as a convening forcecreating and optimizing physical, intellectual, emotional, and social space for others to thrive."—SingularityU San Diego Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Chapters
SingularityU San Salvador (El Salvador) (renewal)

Edwin Rivas, Federico J. Rivas, Nahomy Hernandez

SingularityU São Paulo (Brazil) (renewal)

Alexandre Uehara, Barbara Olivier, Conrado Schlochauer, Mariane Takahashi, Raul Evangelista

SingularityU Seattle (USA) (renewal)

Ani Chahal Honan, Joe Honan, Manvir Dhaliwal, MyLe Goel

SingularityU Sevilla (Spain) (renewal - new license holder)

David Vidal Lorente, Elena Ibáñez, Jaime Gómez, Luis B. Salgado Benítez, Jose Zapata Bujez, Remedios Fernández, Sara Fontenla

SingularityU St Louis (USA) (renewal - new license holder)

Gabe Angieri, Patricia Hagen, Pradip Das, Tamarah Usher

“The St. Louis Missouri region is burgeoning with strength in healthcare and biosciences; geospatial, cybersecurity, and digital technologies; financial services and legal expertise. A high concentration of great universities and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem exemplify our community. SingularityU St. Louis Chapter aims to promote entrepreneurial education and innovative, exponential thinking to solve high impact, global challenges. Specific focus areas will include securing food and nutritional abundance, and exploration of the use of digital technologies within the context of social equity and justice, and the richness and value brought through inclusion and diversity in thoughts and talents.”—SingularityU St Louis Chapter Leadership Team
SingularityU Taipei (Taiwan) (renewal)

Chun-Hao Huang, Ju-Chun (JC) Ko, Kun Chieh (Kim) Chang

SingularityU Tokyo (Japan) (renewal)

Jovan Rebolledo Mendez, Kazunori SaitoChapter application and review periods occur quarterly, with the Q4 Chapter application process opening October 3rd, 2019. Are you an Innovator interested in supporting the SU mission by establishing a SingularityU Chapter in your community? We’d love to hear from you!