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We’re living through incredible and challenging times. Technology and its convergence are disrupting every part of society and commerce, creating an environment of both massive opportunity and great risk.

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transformational leadership experiences

At Singularity Group we work with you to define your massively transformative purpose (MTP), prepare for unpredictable change, learn a mindset and toolset to lead in tomorrow’s world and take action by starting companies, changing companies and changing communities. We help you better understand the future direction of technology, the societal and economic implications of its use and the opportunities for positive impact on a planetary scale.

Profit through purpose

We have always believed that the world’s greatest challenges provide the greatest opportunities for business. The democratization of technology means that innovation has become possible for almost anyone, anywhere and that impact and profit need not be mutually exclusive.

The leader's role in change

Our philosophy is simple. Leaders who are both entrepreneurial and champions of impact will create change and lead positive disruption in society. We focus on three key elements:

Reframing your perspective. Understand the state of technology and its rapid change and the implications.

Scanning the horizon. See how to create positive impact for yourself, your company and the world.

Forecasting and planning the future. Envision the future and build a roadmap to get there.

As with all innovation, it doesn't stop after the first step. It is a journey of commitment to learning and development.


graphic of the cone of possibilites
Source: Joseph Voros "A generic foresight process framework"

It starts and continues with a mindset-shift

To achieve what we commonly refer to as an abundance mindset, we need to reframe or ‘shift’ how we view the world and train our minds to recognize the possibilities: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”

To help leaders think bigger, we explore several foundational concepts in our programs and experiences, including:


Build scenarios to explore potential implications and opportunities across various time horizons


Use stories to bring far future scenarios to life, then work backwards to build execution road maps


Consider new intersections between technologies and industries


Pursue solving big problems with radical solutions that could have a massive, or 10X, impact


Explore opportunities with open and accessible approaches that are not driven by competition over scarcity

It takes a village…

Networks of leaders are better able to see new opportunities and overcome challenges together than when working alone. Thinking bigger is easier when you belong to a network of leaders from both similar and different backgrounds.

In all our scheduled and open-enrollment programs, we lean into the power of multi-constituent networks and engage with leaders in corporations, governments, and academia, as well as entrepreneurs and investors, from all around the world.

“Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility.”

Peter Diamandis

Co-founder, Singularity University


Over more than ten years, we’ve established a network of chapters and partners across six continents and worked with hundreds of thousands of leaders in a variety of in-person programs. We’ve now adapted our methods so that leaders can stay connected and learning year-round with membership.

Membership offers learning and debate about current and future technologies via webinars, virtual roundtables, digital learning paths, research papers and news, insight and opinion.

Real impact requires commitment and hard work over time to sustain continuous action, learning and growth.


We draw upon a deep bench of renowned and published international experts, academics and industry leaders, who bring unique perspectives on their areas of expertise. They have the knowledge, experience and process to inspire, inform and expand mindsets for leaders, teams and networks.

how can we help you and your organization?

This is an exciting time to be a leader. To stay ahead of the curve and to make positive impact, we offer a number of programs. These include in-person seminars, courses and summits, custom programming, on-demand learning, news and opinion and, of course, a global community of entrepreneurs, corporations, nonprofits, governments, investors and academic institutions in more than 127 countries.

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As a benefit corporation, Singularity is committed to social impact. Join a growing team working together to inspire leaders to start companies, change companies and change communities. Help shape our products and services and connect with amazing leaders from around the world.

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As a benefit organization, Singularity is committed to impact - and at a planetary scale. Join a growing team working together to inspire leaders to start companies, change companies and change communities. Help shape the various products and services we’re developing and connect with inspirational leaders from around the world.

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