David Prestin

Director of Portfolio Management and Senior Consultant

I grew up in humble beginnings in Aberdeen, Washington and then lived most of my formative years tending farms in the Nisqually Valley near Lacey, Washington. In my post-secondary years, I received a two Bachelors Degrees from University of Washington in Seattle, WA in Industrial & Systems Engineering and believe it or not, the other in Philosophy. I have a Masters of Science in Engineering and Leadership from Purdue University.

I’ve spent my career in a variety of roles ranging from:

  • Lead Industrial Engineer
  • Rapid Prototype Aircraft Program Operations Manager
  • Senior Industry Assessment and Strategy Analyst
  • Founder and Principle Consultant
  • Business Process Engineer
  • Account Manager, Digital Manufacturing Business Unit Leader, and Director of Portfolio Management.

In my Philanthropy and Volunteer work I:

  • Hold a position on the Advisory Board of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Washington
  • I am an active member of the Rotary Club of Sumner and was Club President in 2021-2022,
  • I’ve facilitated numerous local non-profit strategic planning and operations improvement projects.
  • I’ve been an active member of a local non-profit serving Southern Africa for small business training and development and spent time in Malawi, Africa delivering training and learning from local business leaders.

I currently live in Lake Tapps, Washington with my lovely wife Michelle and two young children.  I enjoy camping, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, reading a variety of subjects, hosting outdoor dutch oven and cooking events, and generally enjoying the outdoors with friends, family, and community.

Speaking Topics

Driving Digital Transformation in Wind Energy: Leveraging Digital Twin Multi-Domain Models for Manufacturing, Installation, and Servicing of Wind Turbines

Discover how Multi-Domain Models (MDMs) can fuel digital transformation in the wind energy sector, specifically focusing on wind turbine manufacturing, installation, and servicing. This session dives into the collaboration between stakeholders such as manufacturers, project developers, service providers, regulatory bodies, and local communities to leverage MDMs.Through interactive discussions and notional case studies, participants will explore the application of MDMs in advanced manufacturing processes, intelligent project management techniques, and data-driven decision making. Learn how MDMs provide a holistic view of the wind turbine lifecycle, optimizing resource allocation, enhancing safety measures, and improving overall performance.Ideal for technology professionals, including manufacturers, project managers, engineers, service technicians, and industry leaders, this 60-minute session equips participants with practical knowledge on harnessing MDMs for digital transformation. By the end, attendees will understand how MDMs streamline processes, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable innovation in the wind energy landscape.

This session involves interactive discussions and notional but practical examples. The language used is accessible to professionals from diverse technology backgrounds

Unraveling the Power of Digital Twin Multi-Domain Matrices (MDMs) and ISA-95 Framework for Digital TransformationSession Description: In this session, participants will delve into the significance of Multi-Domain Matrices (MDMs) and the ISA-95 Enterprise Control Systems Framework in propelling digital transformation in manufacturing and supply chain systems. How can these tools effectively orchestrate the harmonious integration of technologies, and what strategic benefits do they confer?The exponential pace of technological evolution necessitates a robust understanding and application of MDMs and the ISA-95 framework to maintain agility and competitiveness in the industry. With interactive discussions and notional case study analyses, this session illuminates the practical applications of these methodologies in the digital transformation landscape.Perfect for leaders, decision-makers, and strategists in the manufacturing and supply chain industries, this session intends to furnish participants with the tools to navigate their organizations' digital future successfully.

Multi-Strategy Integration for Renewable Energy: Unlocking the Power of Digital Twins

In this session, participants will gain insights into the advantages of digital twins in driving complex strategy integration and implementation within the renewable energy sector. How can these sophisticated virtual replicas streamline processes, increase safety, and boost sustainability, all while reducing costs and time?The implementation of muti-faceted strategies in the renewable energy sector requires high-precision tools, and digital twins offer an innovative solution. Serving as accurate, virtual representations of physical systems, digital twins enable predictive analysis, risk mitigation, and advanced optimization – all crucial elements for the execution of strategies within the renewable energy domain. But what are the specific advantages that digital twins offer, and how can they facilitate quicker, safer, and more economical outcomes?Through interactive discussions and notional case studies, this session will elucidate the multifaceted benefits of digital twins. Participants will learn about their role in enhancing operational efficiency, improving safety, reducing costs, and speeding up the implementation of complex strategies, all while promoting sustainability in the renewable energy sector.This session is particularly suited for professionals and decision-makers in any technology sector, including project managers, strategists, and those interested in advanced digital tools. Participants will walk away with an enhanced understanding of the application and benefits of digital twins, ready to harness their potential for a more sustainable future.


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