John Sanei

Singularity Expert: Trend Specialist & Business Innovation Strategist

John Sanei is a leading keynote speaker, futures strategist and advisor who is dedicated to changing the narrative around our uncertain future. Through captivating keynotes, engaging masterclasses and strategic advisory services, John shares his wisdom and insight from decades of working with future-forward organisations.

Through his work, John helps organisations prepare for the rapidly changing future of work and the future of leadership, while also advising on organisational restructuring. John has helped countless organisations:

  • Prepare for the future of work and the impact of artificial intelligence on business.
  • Develop strategies to elevate leadership and increase sales.
  • Create a culture that's adaptable, agile and welcoming of change.

Brands that trust John include: Autodesk, Coca-Cola, Dell, EY London, Mattel, Mastercard, Meltwater, Oracle, PWC, Reuters, Visa and more. An acclaimed futures strategist, John is a global expert at Singularity University, a faculty member of Duke Corporate Education University and an associate partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

John is also a 5x best-selling author and the co-host of The Expansive Podcast. Look to the future with curiosity, creativity and confidence.