Patricia Suflita Wilson

Guest Speaker: Leadership, Opener/Closer

Patricia Suflita Wilson is a highly successful chief executive, evangelist, instructor, board member, and public speaker committed to making the world a better place.Patricia pursued a career with a focus on social responsibility shortly after becoming a mother, and over two decades has earned a reputation for her integrity, sound business judgment, demonstrated financial acumen and superior communication skills. Her ability to develop a high performing team and create extensive community engagement garnered her worldwide recognition - she is a main character in the documentary Batkid Begins purchased by Warner Bros./New Line and released in theaters nationwide in 2015. She is often referred to as the “BIC” (see her TEDxTalk).Currently, Patricia is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant to several startups (marketing, branding, web architect, social media, community engagement, publicity, philanthropy plans, etc.) As a keynote speaker, she connects with her audience in an authentic manner routinely evoking cheers, tears and standing ovations.She also serves on the board of directors: Illuminate (Bay Lights); Friends of the Urban Forest.Formerly, she was CEO of Make-A-Wish, responsible for leading the overall direction of one of the largest chapters nationwide and created a permanently restricted endowment for future sustainability. Her work helped to build one of the most recognized and respected brands.Prior to joining Make-A-Wish, Patricia held leadership roles at PBS/NPR stations, WHRO and KQED, the 5th largest public broadcaster. She also produced several educational public TV series before serving as executive director of a science and wildlife environmental museum.Patricia is the subject of an upcoming feature film about her life and work starring and produced by Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, which will be released through the Red Om Films banner. New Line Cinema (Warner Bros.) purchased the rights to develop the narrative film.