Sandra Miller

Singularity Expert: Entrepreneurship

Sandra Miller speaks to multinational corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, investors and universities on myriad aspects of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. She brings a grounded and practical Silicon Valley perspective to exploring the promise and potential perils of technology innovation and disruption in our increasingly digital world, providing practical examples for how innovation impacts the way we live, learn and work – today and in the future. Sandra co-founded Stanford University’s Biodesign Program and led Accenture’s Open Innovation initiatives with Silicon Valley’s top accelerators. She was the first Managing Director of the Singularity University startup accelerator and is emeritus Chair of Singularity’s Entrepreneurship Track.

Sandra co-founded the Kauffman Foundation’s Labs for Enterprise Creation accelerator and was Managing Director of The Angels’ Forum (now Mighty Capital), one of Silicon Valley’s leading angel investor groups.An Advisor to post seed-stage and venture capital-backed startups, Sandra continues to be in awe of the transformations that occur in startup founders throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. She has nearly 20 years of experience advising and educating more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and startups in many industry sectors as they develop technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, virtual reality and Internet of Things.

Current areas of research include bridging the innovation gap between startups and enterprise, evolving the accelerator model and developing tools and insights to address the psychological aspects of a founder’s journey. Sandra is based in Silicon Valley and most enjoys rambling near water or amongst redwood trees with her sidekick, Lola the Wonderdog.