Dr. Scott Bolland

Guest Speaker: Future of Education, Future of Work

Dr Scott Bolland’s PhD and background (of 25 years) are in the area of Cognitive Science - the scientific study of how the mind works, spanning areas such as psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and artificial intelligence. His passion is playing in the intersection between these areas, in particular how to best prepare individuals, teams, schools and companies to flourish in the digital age (a.k.a. the fourth industrial revolution). His academic and entrepreneurial interests revolve around two related questions – how to teach, and what to teach to best prepare the next generation for the future.With regards to how to teach, Scott has worked alongside some of the world’s leading academics in the field of human memory and learning, and has used this knowledge in the development of artificially intelligent tutoring systems that aim to optimise student engagement and outcomes. What became apparent from this research was that there was a mismatch between how we teach in schools, and how the brain naturally learns best. His company “New Dawn Technologies”, co-founded with Sean Howard (one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs), is concerned with using AI to better personalise the learning journey for each student in a more brain-friendly manner, presenting the right information at the right time for optimal learning and pleasure. The second related question that Scott is incredibly passionate about is the issue of what skills we should teaching in schools to maximise human potential. That is, if the aim of education is to skill up students to flourish in life, how well are we doing, and what could we be doing better. The answer to these questions lies in the field of Positive Psychology – the scientific study of human happiness and optimal flourishing. Relating to this area of expertise, Scott has worked for many years across the globe as a lecturer, facilitator and professional speaker. He has worked in some of Australia’s leading business schools, worked as a consultant for numerous Ministries of Education, and even presented workshops for the European Commission to educational policy makers. As a trained performer and singer, through his company “Aha Entertainment” and accompanied by a 10-piece band, he frequently teaches positive psychology through music to schools and companies. Over many years he has subsequently taught thousands, focussing on practical evidence-based strategies for increasing optimism, resilience, mindfulness, positive relationships, high-performance teamwork, meaning and purpose, and accomplishment.As a professional speaker and “futurist”, Scott utilises his strong background and interest in psychology and AI to explore the future of work and the future of education. He is available for seminars, keynotes, workshops, executive coaching, and general consulting.